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Remington 11-87 Timber Semi Auto







A beautiful and versatile gun, the Model 11-87 Premier is an intimidating performer. Its patented pressure-compensating gas system is a key reason why. When shooting lighter 2 3/4" field loads, an integral pressure relief valve remains closed, using all of the shell’s pressure to operate the action. When shooting heavier 3" loads, the valve opens proportionately to bleed off unneeded pressure.

Naturally, versatility is also a major advantage of the Model 11-87 Premier. The same gun you use one day on the skeet range can be used the next day in the goose blind. Switch shells. Change a Rem™ choke. And you’re in business. That’s real versatility. Going from great function to great looks, the Model 11-87 Premier’s custom-grade finish, high-polished blued metalwork, detailed engraving, and finely grained American walnut stock are exactly what makes it so, well, “premier.” An ivory front bead sight with steel mid-bead, and a set of three Rem™ Chokes (Improved Cylinder, Modified, & Full) round out the package

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