Eley Tenex .22Lr 40gr
Eley Tenex .22Lr 40gr

Eley Tenex .22Lr 40gr


Eley Tenex, the world’s most consistently accurate .22LR cartridge.

The iconic flat nose projectile of Eley Tenex is one of many innovations pioneered by Eley engineers. As it cuts through the air its revolutionary design pulls the centre of pressure forwards, aerodynamically stabilizing the projectile and increasing accuracy at the target.

With over 180 years of heritage and experience, engineering excellence is central to the success of Eley Tenex. Our highly skilled engineers combine state of the art machinery with high speed electronic visual inspection systems and Six Sigma methodologies to produce the cartridges that have redefined .22LR accuracy across the world.

Sold per box of 50.


Bullet         Weight     Velocity                   Use

Flat Nose   40gr          Muzzle: 1085ft/s    Professional Shooting

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